Our wooden signs are hand made using recycled timber, we have both finished designs and commissions options available in our online shop.


The wooden signs take around 2 weeks to complete as the wood is recycled, so there is a lot of work involved in cutting, sanding and prepping the wood for painting. We also have to allow time for the paint to dry between layers and before varnishing.

Once the wood is prepped i will either burn or add a colour wash to the wood if require to create the background. Then I will begin painting the requested design in oil paint. Once the design is completely dry the sign will be varnished in clear gloss varnish. If the sign is to be outside in the elements please let us know so that we can use the appropriate external varnish.

Wooden Event Boards

Great for birthdays, weddings, baby showers etc…

Community Projects

This sign was created in conjunction with the lions club to welcome passengers from the cruise ships to Airlie beach.